The Melanin Diaries is a free-form blog, dictated by happenstance, curiosity, and a vivid imagination.

For the last few years, I’d  been encouraging, hounding, and generally trying to convince many of my talented, successfully creative friends, and my fabulous sister to start blogs, they’re all truly gifted and I really thought they all had something worth sharing, I wanted to read about what was on their minds. Some actually did start blogs, some just looked at me like “girl no”, and “please shut up”.

I’d been writing short essays to myself for a while. Digital journaling, anytime I was fascinated, perplexed, or even mildly interested in something that was happening in the world, BOOM, I’d whip out my iPhone or iPad, and tap out my thoughts. It was simply my way of cataloging my emotions and opinions.

After bugging everyone else, I finally decided to take my own advice and start MY OWN blog.

A special note to any writers and/or editors who may visit the blog, please be gentle with me. I’m a reader who loves to write; and it’s an honor to know you’ve visited my blog.  Be prepared to see clumsy assaults to sentence structure, spelling and composition. My skills are a work in progress, and I’ll always write from my heart.

To those of you who have already caught some mistakes-thank you, and if you like, keep the feedback and corrections coming. To all my graphic design friends, please view this through a long lens, I tried to channel your confidence,  even though I can’t match your skill.

I look forward to this journey, we’ll see what happens. Thanks for joining the conversation.

Stay Peaceful,

Shannyn Marie

(Artwork:Roko Bowen original)

  1. Roxy L. Brown says:

    Love your blog, Shannyn Keep it coming, you soul-stirring, sistah scribe!


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