“Tag Lupita, You’re It!”

Posted: February 4, 2014 in General Interest

imageLupita Nyong’o is the new “It Girl” darling of Hollywood. The fashion world is obsessed with her and doesn’t hesitate to describe her in the same breathy tones the French used to use to describe African-American ex patriots that fled to Paris during the Harlem renaissance. They’re absolutely mesmerized by her, and they’re convinced she’s so exotic; as if a talking peacock rang the doorbell and announced they’d arrived for tea.

She’s always described as poised and articulate, in multiple languages. Born in Mexico to Kenyan parents, she was educated in the United States. Her Spanish is as flawless as her fashion sense. She carries herself elegantly like royalty, yet she’s only 30 years old.

Lupita is a graduate of the  Yale University School of Drama acting program.

It’s bittersweet that some of the media are most obsessed with her complexion and fashion sense, and not the merits of her acting ability.

How ironic that the daughter of a diplomat had to portray a field hand, to be recognized by Hollywood for her superior abilities. Imagine how difficult it was to play Patsey, a slave whose major claim to fame was that she picked more cotton than a man, and had to endure the nickname “Queen of the Fields”. Patsey’s other jobs were sexual vessel at the whim of her master, and to be the object of the sadistic jealousy of her mistress.

Mz Lupita is an ebony skinned beauty who gravitates towards bright, bold colors that set off her glowing skin. Colors that dark skinned women used to be warned to avoid: “Girl don’t you dare buy that bright yellow dress. You know you’re way too black for those loud colors.” I hereby order the women who are still clinging to that joy stealing idea to SHUT UP, and rotate 180 degrees towards that wall in the corner, and stay there. Ladies, lets all wear colors so bright we put the sun out of business.

She won the Screen Actors guild and Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. We hold our breath and cross our collective fingers for the Oscars.  I swoon in approval.

This girl is the brown-skinned truth!

  1. Ro says:

    I’m glad she’s around to be a visual role model for little girls. Wish there had been a dark chocolate one for me when I was a little girl and teenager.


  2. Louis Malone Jr says:

    When I glanced her on the cover of some newsstand rag I was caught up in her presence of beauty. I knew nothing about her and until reading this post I remained ignorant, besides what I gleaned from that cover. A picture of sharp beauty. I wasn’t interested in who Lupita Nyong’o is, I was just an admirer of her beauty. That’s not to say that I considered her nothing more than a pretty girl in pretty dress, but I was full from what that cover offered me. She’s poised and bald. She’s black. I liked what I saw and walked away in awe.

    Thanks for turning the page

    It may be somewhat unfortunate that we flock to dramatic abilities portrayed on the big screen instead seeking to absorb who that actor really is, the makeup underneath the make-up. Costly minerals reside deep within.


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