Virtual Validation

Posted: August 26, 2013 in #31WriteNow Challenge, General Interest

sc00015899So I’ve been thinking about likes, shares, comments, reply, follows, subscribe, ping backs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Stumblr, Bumblr, LinkedIn. With all these social media sources, you could stay locked into a virtual existence ALL DAY, and that’s NOT counting regular text messages from your phone, or email (which almost seems old-fashioned now).

The BEST thing about all these information sources is the scope of outreach. I think it’s fantastic, but sometimes it “eats my brain” cuz I cruise around in the virtual world waaaaaaay too long lol.

When you log in to Facebook, and see the lil icons for messages or comments lit up, admit it, you get a tiny thrill of validation. Somebody “liked” my post. Sometimes a complete stranger, but who cares. The NPR daily blog “Code Switch” has a way to “up” or “down” vote people’s comments. We can voice our approval or disdain in a matter of seconds.

To get a favorite, or a retweet from a celebrity merits a screenshot, and a “fangirl”  text to your friends, “guess who retweeted me?”. I teased a friend about this unmercifully, until I did it myself and then we laughed hysterically at the weirdness of it. My sister got a Twitter response from Cory Booker, yes, Cory Booker. Check your phone, or email and you’ll have 50 messages from all your social media sources confirming who liked what, who repinned your pin, blah blah, blah. If you knew how often I checked the stats for my blog you’d be so embarrassed on my behalf. I was at breakfast yesterday with two friends and we sat there, all looking at our phones, instead of each other, until one of us put a stop to it. Thank you EV for being our device police.

I’ve mentioned before how much I value  the new virtual connections I’ve made since I started blogging, so I’m not complaining about this, and I truly appreciate each and every comment left after a new post;  it’s just interesting to see how our communication landscape is changing.

A real living breathing pat on the back has been replaced by a “thumbs up”. Face to face conversations have now morphed into online chats. Not sure how to feel about this. Is it making people more connected, or pushing us farther apart?

Day 26, #31WriteNow daily blog challenge.

  1. KaptanSolo says:

    Well, it IS “virtually” making people more connected and it IS pushing people farther apart the “real living, breathing pat on the back sense”.


  2. KaptanSolo says:

    Well, it IS “virtually” making people more connected and it IS pushing people farther apart in the “real living, breathing pat on the back sense”.

    darned typos!


  3. I totally know what you mean. I think what’s kind of endearing is when a stranger… from a totally different location comments, Likes, RTs, Favorites, etc. something, it’s like a virtual “I’m on ‘Team You'” moment.


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