Tweak Challenge and Change

Posted: August 21, 2013 in #31WriteNow Challenge, General Interest

Day 21 #3WriteNow daily blog challenge.

sc0000ae24My Mom is 86. Nearly a century of time well spent on the planet. Although her elderhood earns her the right to be stuck in her ways if she wants, She is the epitome of growth and change, and staying relevant.

She’s on Facebook, if you check her page you’ll see she just created and posted a petition supporting Public Television. She’s incredibly computer literate. Shes online doing something everyday. She was elated when the Supreme Court struck down DOMA. She’s a strong proponent of social justice.

The first family is actually HER new family. She’s a political junky who keeps current with the news about the world around her, and as times change, I’ve watched her continue to evolve.

Her computer of choice is IBM. Yes you read it right. IBM! She did EVERYTHING on it. I have a hatbox full of cards she’s made me using her computer greeting card design program. After many faithful years her computer finally quit. She’d planned to replace it with another IBM, but my sister and I put our heads together and conspired to lovingly coerce her into getting a Mac. Cuz we are Mac gadget girls through and through; iPods iPads laptops desktops. We are all Mac all the time. So my Mom, with her open heart and mind let us convince her.

She bravely went to the Mac store (which is like going to tech Hell, cuz it’s always super busy and everyone seems hyper like they’re on amphetamines). She was willing to invest in the best, and got a Mac desktop so souped up with bells and whistles that it doesn’t even work with her perfectly good printer. My mom tried really admirably to work with her Mac but she just doesn’t like it; and I DO NOT blame her one bit. She’s lived with it for a full month.

And I’m so sorry that I convinced her. I imposed on her what I wanted for her versus what she wanted and needed. She likes it simple. She misses making her cards. Her uppity new mac isn’t even compatible with most of the programs my Mom likes to work in.

No one 86 years young should have to think so hard when they’re trying to do their computing. Monday night her new electric beast of an enemy had the nerve to lock her out!!!!!! She told me she’d had it. That computer has sucked the joy out of being online. When I talked to her yesterday morning she must have challenged herself to get back in, and she must have been determined cuz she was back online checking email, computing with caution. YAY!

We challenged her to try something different, and she accepted the challenge and that’s the beauty of it. She was open-minded and fearless enough to listen to her meddling offspring. I really admire her ability to do that. She tried like a soldier to adapt to a device that just wouldn’t cooperate with her. I bow down about the way she handled this whole experience.

So now she’s getting a tweaked out, refurbished IBM. She and I both checked the IBM website. By early afternoon yesterday, she’d called and placed her order. It should be here by Friday. She’ll be back in business soon. She’s happy.

  1. zoerabbit says:

    God bless your mom. Loved that she tried.


  2. PETRONIA says:



  3. Paulette Brown says:

    What a great story. Thanks for sharing that. Your mom gives me the motivation and push I need to really get in there and EMBRACE technology! Way to go, hats off to you Mrs. Dean 👏😊


  4. What an endearing story. Very brave of your mom to try something really new & unfamiliar. You & your sister must have strong persuasion powers.


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