My New Rantless Life 2.0-Updated and Unranted

Posted: August 20, 2013 in #31WriteNow Challenge, Current Events

1b9f8301a4bd15acaecbceb2cc6a1a5dUPDATED: Facebook is not always your friend. Spend even 5 minutes there and you’ll come away with a rant list as long as your arm lol. Now friends are testing me by sending me rant-worthy information. Thanks for the help. I Love this challenge! I am defiantly going to NOT RANT for the rest of this month. I’m past the half way mark. I am winning this fight. YEAH BABY! I HAVE POSTED 19 BLOG ENTRIES ALMOST EVERY FREAKIN DAY!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that, I know  that sounds hyper. I KNEW I could squeeze more posts out of this.

If you’ve already  read the original list posted last Monday, skip down to new additions to the list starting at #6. 

Due to the fact that I joined the #31WriteNow blogger’s challenge to post daily in August (it’s day 20), and then I decided to also try to keep this month rant free, I’ve had to resort to desperate measures.

Okay, I just gotta do this. Even my powerful Denzel vision of happiness couldn’t stop this. Soooo, I’m just gonna start this lil list of things I WOULD rant about if only I hadn’t sworn off ranting this month. HINT: I’ve discovered the joys of the sneak rant and the group rant on Facebook. LOVE IT! If you’re curious, about the information included in this post, click on any of the links below, and visit the articles, and then if you want, YOU CAN RANT FOR ME lol.

I know this list is might grow. So that means I can get updated multiple posts from it. That’ll help me with my 31 day posting challenge.

1. Kevyn Orr’s comments to the Wall street Journal have been written about on the blogs for Forbes magazine, and CBS news, and almost every Detroiter’s Facebook and Twitter page, and fortunately most follow-up articles from the media were sympathetic to the City, and not to Mr. Orr. Even the national media, which never passes up a chance to diss Detroit seemed to know that this was NOT the time to slam the City. I wanna say something about this soooo bad. But I’m NOT. I’ll just gently say (in a soft Captain Kangaroo reading to children voice) that it’s fascinating how this man so easily talks like some VERBALLY ABUSIVE PARENT, about The City he’s supposed to be taking care of .

2.Queen Oprah getting dissed in Switzerland This was interesting on a few levels, the fact that now that Oprah has re-embraced her ethnicity, (she’s got that natural hair look going and she’s in The Butler) and she got dissed, people’s reaction’s are so all over the map. Just because Ms O is more loaded than just about everybody on the planet doesn’t mean she’s always gonna get the treatment she and her money deserve. Racism and rudeness go hand in hand. I like the way she flexed her indignation about this.

3.Conservatives slamming Queen Oprah for having an opinion about Trayvon and Emmett Till. Of course, nobody really cares about what conservatives think, except other conservatives, but it’s interesting to me that the people who don’t even remotely understand what it’s like to navigate the planet day in and day out as a Person of Color, feel it’s appropriate to dictate, or even comment, how we’re supposed to feel. Not ranting, just commenting.

20130810-120059.jpg4.Trying not to rant is kinda HARD. I’m not ranting or whining, just stating a fact. It feels like my finger is always hovering over some pause and delete button in my brain, stopping every rant-filled thought that comes up. I now live in edit mode.

5.I don’t even think keeping a rant list is helpful-it’s not like I’m gonna go back and retroactively rant about these things later, like in September, when the rantless challenge is over.

6.New skank info on the halted Wayne County Jail project. Ugh-that’s all I’m gonna say.

7.Queen O’s Swiss purse drama continued, now the clerk is speaking out, but the real question, is she speaking the truth. What would the woman with one of the world’s largest wallet have to gain by making up a story about receiving racist treatment? Hmm. I’m not even a big Oprah fan, but this a prime example of how perpetrators of racist behavior try to turn-the-tables when they’re called out. Mz O got the last laugh. Her new movie opened #1 at the box office.

8. Mayor Bloomberg and his dismay about the recent censorship of his beloved “Stop and Frisk” law”. Check the link to read a heartbreaking personal account of a young man’s experience. The privileged class always navigates with the blind entitlement of “free movement”, and they have no idea what it’s like to be treated with constant suspicion. Bloomberg elaborated further by saying if he had sons, he might have a different opinion. I hope someone advises him to just not talk for a while. If I comment on this too much, the rant might not ever stop. This one hurts A LOT.

English: Dequindre Cut Detroit MI

English: Dequindre Cut Detroit MI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9.The lady that I saw last week in one of my ultimate favorite places, The Dequindre Cut, who pulled down her pants like she was at home in her powder room and decided that broad daylight up against the wall, down in the Cut, was the perfect time and place to relieve herself. I’m still traumatized by the audacity and tacky skankability of this. Then she turned to her friend who handed her back her lil two pound weights, and they proceeded to continue exercising their skanky way down to the River. There are no words to rationally discuss this . WHO DOES THIS??? This is just not done, in MY CUT! I wanted to say something but anybody who pees in public is very likely to jump my indignant self and I’m not much for fist fighting with someone about not sharing bathroom practices in public.

10.The Harriet Tubman so called “spoof” sextape that blew up this last week on YouTube, and the powerful collective outrage that blew right back at it on Social Media, including a petition, thank you Black Twitter from the bottom of my unranting heart . Russell Simmons first heartily endorsed and then just as quickly renounced the video. Does lots of money make you dumb? Let’s call it “suffering from big paper disease“. I didn’t put a link here cuz I didn’t want anyone’s eyes to be disrespected by the visual insult. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE THIS MONTH?

11. Centipedes-Why? Really? Seriously, what purpose do these, hideous things serve other than to creep me out every time I see one? Why is my house so full of em? Not ranting just forceful observation.

12.Low Winter Sun, a new TV series set in Detroit, that even filmed in my townhouse complex bringing 15 semis, and techs and film crew scurrying around. Why make another show that makes Detroit look awful, with mostly awful people, awful plot lines, unlikable characters, and B list actors when we can just watch the news? This is how the media depicts the City everyday. I’m just curious who thought this show was a good idea.

OK I know I’m easing my way toward a full on rant. I will stop here for now. I will think pleasant thoughts. I will not rant,  I will not…

Acupuncture. Deep breath . Asante sana…

  1. zoerabbit says:

    Can’t wait til September! 🙂


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