Adventures In Dateland-Spies Like Us

Posted: August 19, 2013 in General Interest

Here’s an example of an event invitation

My good friend PB has convinced me to consider giving speed-dating another try. UGH. So we’ve decided to be strategic and do a little research. We’re gonna go to a future speed-dating event, and do surveillance from the parking lot of the restaurant where they hold these events. Then we’ll  get a feel for what kinda people actually show up at these weird events. It still seems like a bizarre concept, but being nosy I agree to indulge her.

When you look at the invitation, notice how they tell women to “join the wait-list, men register now”. I’m sure there’s always way more women interested than men. What guy is gonna sit at home and say “Should I go to the club tonight? Noooo, I’d rather go to speed dating”. How often do you think that’s gonna happen? What kinda guys go to stuff like this? We’re gonna eventually . PB and I have known each other for over 30 years, we met in college. We still share the same kind of humor, and interests, and I always feel like I’m still 18 when we hang out. I know this is gonna be fun, even if it ends up being totally unproductive.


Example of a teleseminar

Okay, now look at this invitation, “How to awaken your inner soulmate”. I have an inner soulmate?!!! Wow, if that’s the case I can just date myself. Maybe they mean how to make yourself more soulmate worthy (is that possible?) I gotta suspend this judgmental attitude, and stop making a mockery of this. Every year I give myself a series of challenges (personal dares) to make myself step out of my comfort zone. One of those was to start this blog lol. Another is this #31WriteNow daily blog challenge. So I guess that’s why I’m conflicted about not completing the speed dating challenge last month. Thanks to all who added your support to comments. I’m not ready to let this drop. So my friend and are gonna go and see what kind of people these events attract. We don’t have any specific criteria for our evaluation, our most important credentials are nosiness, and our collective sense of humor. I hope the restaurant people don’t call the police because our loitering looks suspicious. But you know what, it might be fabulous if the cops that show up are both FINE and single. Maybe they’ll think we’re so creative that they’ll be impressed with our surveillance skills. Then they decide to date us . My dating fantasies always include an adoring man (Idris Elba, or Denzel in tight policemen’s uniforms) who I meet like we’re in a romantic comedy.

Stay tuned…

Day 19, #WriteNow daily blog challenge.

  1. PETRONIA says:

    Would like a three report!!!!! Might try it with some of my girl pals!!! LORL


  2. zoerabbit says:

    Very interested in what you find out.


  3. Paulette Brown says:

    Really looking forward to our “spy” outing. Let me know when and I’ll bring my binoculars. 😊


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