This 31 Day Blog Challenge

Posted: August 18, 2013 in #31WriteNow Challenge, General Interest

20130815-183531.jpgOkay, I admit it, I didn’t post yesterday. I took a break. After writing posts for 16 days straight, with 8 posts sitting in draft my brain felt like a block of swiss cheese, or a colander, or a salad spinner. I’ve even blogged through 2 major tests that were mega important to my continued employment. I found out yesterday I PASSED. I blogged through my precious annual August vacation, that winds up today. I posted on my birthday (a national event, but Barack won’t add it to the calendar). The challenge has sent my already hyper active imagination into overdrive, and I felt like my circuit breaker on my personal hard drive was gonna over heat. Although I thought my brain had an unlimited storage plan, kinda like the Cloud, I had used up all the space. So I took a breather yesterday and chilled in personal power saver mode. I gave myself permission to take a skip day. Did I read regular books and magazines? Did I search out other interesting blogs. Did I do yoga, or take my daily walk down in my beloved Dequindre cut? Sit outside back in my personal Garden of Eden? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20130815-183614.jpgI wrote long drafts for 2 upcoming Detroit Gets Gladiated Scandal Fantasy posts. Weird huh? Once I gave my brain permission to chill, and I shut myself down, I guess I unconsciously did a reboot, and powered back up with more ideas than ever. I was gonna take today off too. But then my fingers got the best of me, and next thing I knew, this post was written in 3 minutes. As a newbie, beginning blogger, this is kind of a nice feeling. I’m learning a lot about blogging, and challenges in these first 18 days. I’m still not ranting either. I picked up some readers, thanks for joining us. I’ve also visited some awesome blogs, and made a few digital connections with really nice people. Two weeks ago I even asked a women with a spiritual blog for some prayer assistance for my test studying. She sent me back an AWESOME moving prayer in under 5 minutes, and SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW ME, here’s the link to her blog. Thanks Mary xxoo.

So, here you go. Day 18 #31WriteNow daily blog challenge. Thanks for sticking with me, and for your amazing moral support.

  1. resurgee says:

    Day 18, huh? Good for you. I’m impressed, Girlie! You are an inspiration for me. I’ve been wanting to do a blog for years. Maybe …
    I remember your Garden. You’re right, it is an Eden.


  2. PETRONIA says:

    So glad you were invigorated! Congratulations! Think I felt your vibes. They told me to also take a day off from the computer monster so my fingers could rest. So I took two. LOL


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