A Birthday Thank You

Posted: August 14, 2013 in #31WriteNow Challenge, General Interest

My Lovely Parents

Today is my birthday, and I’m missing my Dad, the person who helped get the party started and got it popping so I could be born 56 years ago today. His 50% contribution to my conception is greatly appreciated. Each year when I celebrate my birthday, I honor his memory and his spirit of celebration. Every year until he died, he was at almost every birthday party, cuz he loved parties, big, small, didn’t matter to him lol. Just as long as people were looking like they were having a good time, he was a happy lil camper.

I’m blessed to have many happy memories of him. I think he was pleased with how I turned out. Once, when he was taking me to the airport, he casually , “out of the blue,” mentioned an important challenge we had successfully tackled together, and how proud he was of me. I practically floated out of the car, cuz that praise was so unexpected.  OMG, that was like hearing the best piece of music EVER. I hope I never forget that conversation.

I want to thank my Mom for for her 50%, and for having the patience to walk around with me inside for nine months, taking good care of herself so I came out OK. THAT could not have been easy. I also thank her for the “life-lessons, and blueprint for living that she shared along the way to my adulthood.  She reads every post of this blog, and even though she’s NEVER EVER watched Scandal, she reads “Detroit Gets Gladiated” every Thursday. I’m so glad she’s here to celebrate this day with me.

So today, I just want my parents to know how much I appreciate them.


Abrazos y Besos

P.S. Feliz Cumpleanos to my fellow Leos.

Day 14 of the #31WriteNow daily blogging challenge. Still not ranting. Tener un dia fabuloso.

  1. Sheila Maria says:

    Happy BORNDAY Shannyn!


  2. What a wonderful birthday blog. (Yeah, I’m a few days late) Your parents do look lovely in that pic.


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