100 Awesome Things About Detroit

Posted: August 13, 2013 in #31WriteNow Challenge, Detroit

IMG_1361 In the spirit of the August month-long rantless daily blogging challenge, I’m gonna try to compile a list of 100 AWESOME THINGS ABOUT DETROIT. The City gets bombarded with negative messages from the media everyday, and when they’re not doing it, we can always count on Kevin Orr to treat our City like a verbally abusive foster parent. This is a random list, in no specific order. Included are positive characteristics, people, places things, services. And guess what! YOU CAN PARTICIPATE! Just make your suggestion in comments. If you want to include a picture, description, or website address go ahead. We can work on this list as long as we want, maybe we can keep it going all the way till the election in November. We don’t have to stop at 100, here’s the first 10.   Day 13, #WriteNow, Daily Blog Challenge: Still not ranting!

  1. The Dequindre Cut
  2. The Detroit Riverwalk
  3. Eastern Market
  4. Detroiter’s resilience, passion and positivity
  5. The Detroit Jazz Festival-still free, still fabulous
  6. Flo Boutique
  7. Savvy Chic
  8. AND Communications
  9. SoundThought Recordings
  10. Eric’s I’ve Been Framed
  1. zoerabbit says:

    Detroit Institute of Arts! The art is still here!


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