Election 2013-So Many Candidates, So Little Time

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Detroit

#31WriteNow Rantless Daily Blog Challenge: DAY 5/31

The election is tomorrow, and I’m on day 5 of my 31 day blog post, rantless challenge. Today’s post was originally full of mega rants about each candidate. But I had to edit it and now I’m just gonna give you an overview of the top 3 candidates. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, oops I nodded off. I miss ranting. Simple objectivity without irony or sarcasm in a blog is boring, but I’ll get used to it, kinda like when I gave up swearing, or sugar, or smoking back in ’90. Plus, I’ve been sneak ranting on Facebook so I’m still gettin it in.

I’m not openly endorsing anyone. OK, here goes:

20130716-010922.jpgWe’ve all seen how Tom Barrow’s suit to prohibit Mike Duggan from running for Mayor as a write-in candidate was unsuccessful. When I talked to Mike at a recent event (yes, I called him Mike, cuz he tells everybody to call him Mike) I asked him about the suit.

Surprisingly, he said he was grateful to Barrow because it created a ton of free publicity. From Duggan’s website:”

Mike Duggan is perhaps the Detroit area’s most successful turnaround specialist, having rescued Michigan’s largest county, a regional transportation system and the state’s top medical center from financial collapse. In each of these cases, Duggan was able to cut costs without significant layoffs, improve services and chart a path to new levels of success. He also is a highly respected negotiator and fighter for the city of Detroit on the issues of crime, public transportation, health care, workers’ rights, recreational opportunities and more. After graduating from the University of Michigan Law School, Duggan, a Detroit native, resisted the urge to follow many of his friends to jobs in other states. Instead, he chose to commit his life’s work to improving conditions for people of Detroit and surrounding communities”.

Barrow’s other battle cry against Duggan was that “He doesn’t have a Detroit Accent”. Barack Obama was told he was the wrong color too. From Barrow’s Website: ”

20130716-010902.jpgA city’s mayor must be a resident, not a commuter. He must have an organic relationship with his constituency, be one of them, celebrate and suffer with them the challenges of the city to fully understand the urgency of prioritizing services vital to the community he seeks to lead. When a Mayor goes to the supermarket, he should know customers and employees by name. A commuter Mayor does not shop where he works, he shop where he lives, outside of the city. When the lights go out, he sleeps in a bed as a commuter. The only cash he spends in the city he works in is lunch — breakfast, dinner and weekend meals are eaten at home, not in the city. Long-term residency offers an intimate view of the city’s problems, the attitudes of neighbors and local leaders; and generally engagement in the affairs of the community. Parachuting in or commuting to the city is not enough to qualify one to be Mayor, the leader of the city and its people.”

Interesting mission statement, (this isn’t what I really want to say, but I’ve gotta be politely objective now).

20130716-011218.jpgBenny Napoleon: There has been some interesting info in the news this summer about the new jail under construction on Gratiot. Construction may get scrapped and the new jail may move to the old Mound facility. The question is, what happens to the Gratiot site? It’s  prime real estate and Dan Gilbert is supposedly interested. (I wanna rant here so bad I can just taste it). As Wayne County Sheriff, what role did Napoleon have in the planning of the new jail? Just a question, I’m not ranting.

From Benny’s website: ”

Benny’s vision for the city, which includes: revitalizing Detroit’s neighborhoods; delivering services that are core to the city; streamlining the city‘s development portfolio to become a one-stop-shop for business development; ushering into Detroit an unparalleled economic expansion that provides jobs for citizens and opens Detroit’s arms to new residents and new business who will want to call Detroit their new home. Benny recognizes that none of this is possible until Detroit is safe – and his ability to reduce crime and create an environment of safety and security to the city is unmatched”.


Here’s something to consider: With the Emergency Manager in place how will the new mayor lead us considering he/she will have limited power? Please consider Kevin Orr’s recent comments to the Wall Street Journal, and the sympathetic response about Detroit from Forbes magazine.  Do you think anyone at the city level can fire the EM? as many of the candidates vow to do. If you visit candidate websites, do you think they’ll be able to deliver any of their promises considering Detroit’s current financial reality?

Last Tuesday’s debate at the Charles Wright Museum is definitely worth a look and a listen. You can hear the candidates do quite a bit of ranting. You’ll get an overview of all 13 candidates.

This is serious business, and the world is watching. Lets keep hope alive, let’s discuss, let’s get active and educated. To the apathetic-non voters, please reconsider. Our next mayor will be the one to craft a new image for the city. How do you want us to look? Could we please vote as a show of force that we really care about this place?


  1. Well said, Shannyn. Thanks for the “un-rant” post. I will vote (though I’m not gonna like it.)


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