Pride, Practice and Teamwork

Posted: August 2, 2013 in #31WriteNow Challenge, General Interest

If you’ve ever worked on a team, or even temporarily lead a group of people (if you’re a parent, or you’re married or in a relationship, that’s everyday lol), then you know the importance of teamwork.  The tighter the group, the better the team.  The more confident the leader, the better team.  The more thorough, the practice the better the team.

A good team practices so well that they’re always ready.  They don’t wait till “something’s coming up”.  They communicate so well, that they can send a signal with just the nod of the head, a glance, or the flick of a finger. The next time you’re in the lead, take note of your own leadership style, and your effect on your team, and their performance.

Watch the clip and check out this FINE BROTHER lead this team with so much calm, confident, authority and natural  swag, it almost made me wanna enlist.  Keep your eye on the “Denzel looking” brother in the center of it all.

The first time he walks down the “wall of death,” when he gets to the front of the stage, his expression DOES NOT CHANGE, it’s like “AND WHAT?????? Yes I am fierce”. Form your own opinion on how much trust these men had to have in each other, and in the props they control. Keep in mind, they’re doing this in front of a huge auditorium full of people, in crisp dress whites. Holding weapons topped with bayonets.

No, I’m not advocating war, or guns, just highlighting the importance of exquisite coordination, and the pure spectacle of efficiency. I like the fact that the leader on the team was a person of color,  who knew his job, and didn’t blink, flinch, or stumble.  Plus white looks ever sooo good on chocolate.

  1. zoerabbit says:

    Wow! I love the click sounds of the guns in unison. And Brother was tight!


  2. lavell says:

    Seriously about precision, commitment and trust. I’m not an advocate of war either but a man in uniform, just sayin. And brother in the lead, too much.


  3. PETRONIA says:

    Yes Indeed! A true model for young people and anyone else wishing for a true example of self confidence and trust in a LEADER. Here’s one for today AND tomorrow!!!!!


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