Something A Little Lighter

Posted: July 29, 2013 in General Interest

Our thoughts  have gotten pretty heavy in the past few weeks. Now lots of folks are mad about recent developments from the weekend; a semi-prominent member of “our” community decided to call us out on national TV.

Here’s something a little lighter to start your day:

20130727-095807.jpgOkay, I admit it, I often get my inspiration from children. I’m a big fan of Robby Novak, known to his millions of fans as Kid President whose motto is “you were made to be AWESOME”. At only nine years old, he has his own Twitter account, YouTube channel, and has met and “advised” Barack Obama, the kid even has a talk on TED. Robby was born with an incurable disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), the same disorder that Samuel L. Jackson’s character had in the movie “Unbreakable“. OI is a brittle bone condition which has resulted in Robby having over 70 breaks since birth. That’s about 8 broken bones a year, almost EVERY YEAR HE’S BEEN ALIVE! In spite of this, he is the epitome of positivity. So he’s one of my heroes. Here’s a clip of Robby from YouTube of his first meeting with Barack Obama, and even though Robby looks like a serious midget in his stockbroker suit, he’s still just a little boy who’s not shy about the message he wants to spread.

20130727-100153.jpgHere’s one of his recent tweets. His messages all have the same underlying theme, be awesome, life’s awesome, find the awesome in others. Pretty elementary, but something that often takes a backseat to life’s other priorities and demands. I know this all seems simplistic, but adulthood gets complicated, and often shifts us farther and farther away from the fundamentals. Plus I’m a big kid at heart, so lil childish concepts are still pretty easy for me to embrace. I’ve subscribed to all Kid President’s social media sources, and peek at them often. I’ve watched his visit with Barack an embarrassing number of times, (including today when I inserted it in this post) and I get kinda teary-eyed EVERY time. Even though the music is sappy, and it looks a little contrived, they’re really just two incredibly popular brothers just kickin’ it .

Alrighty, now we can all decide whether anybody is gonna go help Mr. Lemon pull his foot out of his mouth.

  1. PETRONIA says:

    Thank you,Shannyn! That was AWESOME from an AWESOME KID with an AWESOME PRESIDENT!


  2. Naomi says:

    Aw! That was great. I love one of his mottos, “Be A Party.”


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