When Enough Is Enough

Posted: July 1, 2013 in General Interest

20130624-220314.jpgI didn’t create this handy saying.  You can find the lil badge on anyone’s inspiration board on Pinterest (including mine). You may have seen it on someone’s Facebook page, or heard it from your parent, or a caring teacher. But we don’t always pay close attention. If you’re struggling with your self perception. Consider this:

Try to commit today, to simply be your own kind of beautiful. Not Hollywood’s, or the man, or woman from two relationships ago who successfully converted you to their twisted ideas, that if you could just change, tweak, adjust to their unattainable, unrealistic, standards, if you could do any of those impossibly unnecessary things, then you’d be the version of yourself that was finally satisfactory. Decide that you’re enough, at least for yourself. Growth is fabulous, and so is change, but do it for you, and for no other reason.

If you never ever have that feeling of uncertainty, or not measuring up, please start blogging or write a book, because lots of people need to know your secret.

It’s exhausting, and pointless to keep trying to conform to some uncommon, nerve wracking idea of behavior, beauty or whatever intangible ghost you keep chasing because someone has you convinced you should. You don’t have to keep reinventing yourself, unless it pleases you. You are just plenty, and the unedited unadulterated version is just fine.

If this sounds like a “rant” you’re probably right lol. Some of the best mantras start out that way.

  1. This is wonderful! “You are plenty”… My favorite line. Thank you for this. It’s very uplifting & a message so many need to hear.


  2. zoerabbit says:

    I needed this today. Thank you!


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