The Gift of Compliments

Posted: June 18, 2013 in General Interest

IMG_1614One of the easiest random acts of kindness is to pay someone a sincere compliment. Unfortunately, nowadays, its one that’s sometimes done the least. The 60 extra seconds it takes to walk over and tell someone “Your dress is lovely, or “You two look like a great couple”, or “Excuse me, I thought your presentation was awesome”, can make a difference in someone’s day.

True story: I saw a women at the mall once who had beautiful silver hair, cut REALLY short, practically shaved, but SHE, LOOKED, RADIANT! When I told her how much I liked her hair, she almost started crying, and struggled to explain to me that she was a recent cancer survivor, and had lost ALL her hair. She said that since it started to grow back, she was planning to keep it clipped short because she thought she liked it better that way. Many of her friends were pressuring her to grow it out, and start dyeing it again, but she said she wasn’t listening LOL. Even though we were total strangers, for that brief interaction, we were close friends.

Just a tiny bit of positive feedback can go a long way, and you never know how much your words may REALLY brighten someone’s day.

Think about the most surprising, most moving, or best compliment you’ve ever given or received, and how it made you feel.

  1. That is soo true about compliments. I’ve always found it easy to give women compliments cause we just need them. And you can really tell when a women may not necessarily feel up to par because her first reaction is a brief look of disbelief or confusion, even. Then she just brightens up. Compliments matter so much. Thank you for sharing this, Shannyn.


  2. Petronia says:

    So true!! And sometimes an action serves as a silent compliment that makes one feel TEN FEET tall !!!!! While shopping at the old Farmer Jack a very sweet little lady approached me and asked me if I would get an item for her from one of the top shelves. I was delighted to do so. I was surprised at the request and really felt happy and TEN FEET TALL.


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